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(Hot) New Trick on how to get FREE STUFF from eBay all over the country

(Hot) New Trick on how to get FREE STUFF from eBay all over the country

Wassup Guys,

Today am gonna show you how to get FREE STUFF from Ebay 2018 without wasting any much of our time so let's get started.

Firstly go to your browser and search once loaded finished, click on the eBay search box to search anything you wanna get for free.

for example, search for a watch and after you see any of watch you like, just click on it, on the page you click which shows details about the particular product you want at no cost, on the page, just copy all the address bar link example is:

copy this one you see on your selected product, now open another tab on your browser and visit; signup to create alimama account, scroll up and down on the web site and you see evrything is completely free, currently once the signup, paste the uniform resource locator you copy from on the alimama page, then the specific product will pop up for you, below the merchandise you'll see add proposal, note please: most giveout is available for every product to make out depends on how fast you're on this, now click on the Add proposal

Filling the proposal box, just tell the compaany that you wish to market there product on either youtube or website promotion, you'll like to get one of there product to test before making the promotion, in the next 24hours or 48 hours, you will see message on your mail saying: expensive blablabla, nice News-the merchandiser has accepted your proposal request for the product you applied for, the product will be shipped directly to the address you indicated in your request once aplying, you'll be able to check the shipping standing through link they send to your mail.

Note: you can apply for any product not only watch.

Thanks for reading, if you have any question please use the comment box to tell me and I will explain further.



  1. registered but no place to paste because the whole website is writen in chinese

    1. Make use of language translator that pop up on your browser, select your speaking language you understand

  2. Which one is invite code .

  3. I wasn't able to sign up to alimama

  4. Truly, you can assemble your organizations eBay store and site with ability officially existing inside your association.

  5. Replies
    1. In the description bro

  6. what number of postings come up when you complete a pursuit, what's the normal cost, and what are the merchants having recorded these things. yourstealth