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New App Version of WhatsApp to hide your Videos and Photos from your Gallery; here is how to use

Obviously, it is no longer new that whenever you receive a video or picture from a contact on WhatsApp; by design, it loads and saves directly into your phone’s default storage. On the other hand, it is apparently to say that anyone can simply access the contents of your WhatsApp from your phone gallery. 

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But good to say, a newly developed Android app version is available to get the insecurity fixed (able to prevent other party’s accessibility to your WhatsApp contents).
Be that as it may, to be sure, do visit the google’s play store to have the WhatsApp beta for Android to enjoy the new feature.

Whatsapp beta for the Android new feature is designed to avert videos and photos from getting saved by default to your phone’s gallery. The existing contents you have from WhatsApp will still reflect in your gallery; from the time you have the app, all media received from WhatsApp will be prevented from landing on your phone gallery. Although, you are still able to view your received contents from the Whatsapp.

Here is how you initiate this feature at the time you get it installed:

Option 1: Hide all new photos and videos in WhatsApp

It will interest you to see how this work. This is how you make WhatsApp hide your media from the gallery by clicking the default option for all chats while you click on the WhatsApp overflow icon (those vertical dots) from the top right corner on the main screen. After, hit on ‘Settings,’ then opt for ‘Chats.’ to end with, be convinced that ‘show your media gallery’ is disabled under media visibility to ensure the option turn out to be the default for all chats.

Option 2: Override the default app-wide setting per chat

On the off chance that you are only interested in making some of your chat photos and videos invisible in your phone’s gallery; it is not necessary you depend on an app-wide setting to make it operational. Each chat’s setting can be modified to best fit your interest. Work it out by clicking on one of the contacts or chat name at the top. After that, beneath Media, hit “Media visibility” then, you’ll see three options to choose from:

Default: by default, this will be applied on all chat threads except you change it. The whole app will use whatsoever settings you have set by default for all threads. For instance, in the event that you choose not to use the step aforementioned, it should show “Yes,” but in case you did hide media app-wide, it will say “No.”

Yes: the app-wide setting is taken precedence over to keep all media to your phone’s gallery app just for this conversation thread.

No: the app-wide setting is taken precedence over to hide from view all media from your phone’s gallery app just for this conversation thread.

From the above options, opt-in for whichever option that suits your need. Be that as it may, keeping a chat on “Default” will change its individual setting any time you switch the default option in the first step. Keep in mind that the two both of the options; you are not restricted to receive videos and photos on WhatsApp. On the off chance that photos and videos are hidden on either on a per-app basis or app-wide, it will still be visible on the WhatsApp chats. It only gets disappeared if deleted or the whole of the chat.

Moreover, you can turn around these settings at any time. Be enlightened that individual chats will need to be switched manually unless you have them set to “Default.”


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