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What is an Android launcher or Android Themes?

Android’s dominance over other mobile operating systems is mainly due to the endless customization opportunities it provides to its user base. Launchers are one of the most customizable parts of Android Device. Android smartphones are inoperable without a launcher, which comprises of your home screen and the catalog of all the apps available on your device. So every device comes with a default launcher pre-installed from each Manufacture.

In this post, I will share with your the Top 5 Android Launcher and Themes in 2018
No1. Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher helps you create a customized, fast, and stylish home screen experience on your Android device.

“Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone a complete makeover. I highly recommend it.” – MakeUseOf
“Even after a lot of customization, Apex Launcher feels super fast.” – Pocket Now
“We must say it is as smooth as butter.” – Droid Life
Five Best Android Launchers – Lifehacker
Top 10 best performance Android launchers of 2017 – Devs-Lab
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The long-awaited major update is finally here!
App Info:
App name : Apex Launcher Pro
Package Name : com.anddoes.launcher
Developer: Android Does
Apk Md5 : f5176f5837baedf9dff95f4d26d782b9
Apk Size :6.63MB
Update on Play Store :July 17, 2018
Version Name & Code: 4.0.0(3305)

No2. Nova Launcher Prime
Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the original and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android
Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations and more.

For my money, Nova Launcher is the best of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android. –Android Police
Nova Launcher has some very capable hands behind it –Phandroid
Our favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult to use –Lifehacker
App Info:
App name : Nova Launcher
Package Name : com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Apk Md5 : 76d9f5dbf10439cd2cd95efa272283e3
Apk Size : 8.35 MB
Update on Play Store :May 14, 2018
Version Name & Code:5.5.4 Final(59400)
No3. 3D Parallax Background
The original multi-layer holographic illusion live wallpaper!
Give your homescreen a real 3D depth with gyroscope controlled multi-layered parallax backgrounds – watch the video to witness the stunning effect.

With themes being submitted by our users on a daily basis we have a constantly growing selection of 3D themes for you to choose from!
App Info:
App name : 3D Parallax Background – HD Wallpapers in 3D
Package Name : com.vinwap.parallaxwallpaper
Developer: Vinwap
Apk Md5 : fb4ade7398c83467c81ec15ba406bc73
Apk Size : 9.7 MB
Update on Play Store : 28 May 2018
Version Name & Code: 1.53(75)
NO4. Backdrops Wallpaper Pro
It’s time to get rid of all those other wallpaper apps. Say hello to Backdrops.
Sift through hundreds of original wallpapers hand crafted in house by the the Backdrops team. Enjoy exclusive walls designed specifically for your devices. You won’t find these backgrounds in any other app.

Let’s Get Social
Join in on the action and upload wallpapers yourself. Share your own pieces of work or photography. Only high quality original submissions will be approved for the Community tab. The Backdrops team will be side by side with you sharing high quality public domain photos.
App Info:
App name : Backdrops – Wallpapers
Package Name : com.backdrops.wallpapers
Apk Md5 : d8a1d2638ff80eeab2605c38c21c191e
Apk Size : 5.84 MB
Update on Play Store :February 23, 2018
Version Name & Code:3.16(76)
NO5. OS X style icon pack
The only OS X style icon pack on play store with massive library of icons. If you are a fan of the latest OS 11, you will surely love these icons. All icons comes with a slight gradient to match the overall design language.

Please Note :- This is an icon pack and it requires a custom android launcher like apex, nova etc. to work. It won’t work with Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher or any launcher that came factory installed (except Lg , Xperia Home , Asus Launcher & One Plus Launcher). Before leaving a review that it does not work, kindly install one of the compatible launchers and try applying it.
App Info:
App name : OS X 11 – Icon Pack 1.1.1 Apk
Package Name : com.themezilla.osx
Developer: Pixel Studio Designs
Apk Md5 :43dd5dc83c478a821fa284b5156da015
Apk Size : 41MB
Update on Play Store : March 19, 2018
Version Name & Code: 1.1.1(111)

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